Your voice is safe and sound with Pundit.

Pundit helps you freely express yourself whenever you want, however you want. We believe your private conversations should remain just that - private…and Pundit goes the extra mile to keep them this way.

How do we do this?

1. Set Your Messages to Self-Destruct. Unlike other apps, when we say self-destruct, we really mean it. When set, your messages will be removed from our servers…forever. No questions asked.

2. Morph your voice. Pundit chats primarily utilize voice because it’s the most efficient and personal way to communicate. Besides, you can’t screenshot a voice message. And with voice filters available, you can have a blast morphing your voice!

3. Keep calm & Pundit on. Yes, all Pundit voice, photo, and text messages are sent over a secure network. So no one will see the content of your messages except you and the person receiving them.